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Peek  a  Boo  Baby

Every Tiny Step of The Way


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A necessity for great images...

7 days prior to your appointment increase your fluid by drinking at least 75 oz of water daily. This is in addition to what you normally drink in a day. The more fluid around your little peanut's face the better we can Sneak Precious Peeks.

At-Home Test Kit + 1st Peek Ultrasound
Package $195
7-15 weeks

99.9% accurate starting as early as 6 weeks 

Results guaranteed by SneakPeek GENDER 

2D imaging 

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat 

Estimated due date 

2D digital images printed to take home 

All images will be sent via email 

**Less than 10 weeks requires a full bladder, please drink 32oz water 1 hour prior to your session**

Photo OP
Package $85
10-18 weeks

5-10 Minutes 

10-18 Weeks

2D Imaging

See your baby's heartbeat

2D image printed on High Quality Glossy Film to display for your pregnancy reveal 

1st Peek
Package $110
7-15 weeks

5-10 Minutes 

7-15 weeks

Estimated Due Date

2D Imaging

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat 

2D images printed to take home 

All images will be sent via email 

Our policy at Peek a Boo Baby is to provide gender determination at 16 weeks. This policy has been determined by the Peek a Boo team after careful consideration, based on years of experience and what we believe is in the best interest of our clients. 

Sneak Peek
Package $135
16-35 weeks
Baby parts

15-20 Minutes 

16-35 Weeks 

2D, 3D, 4D Ultrasound 

Estimated weight 

Gender determination

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat 

4D video clips and all digital images will be sent via email 

2D / 3D digital and color prints to take home ​

Peek A Boo
Package $190
16-35 weeks

20-25 Minutes 

16-35 Weeks 

2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D Smart Face Technology 

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat 

Show and Tell of baby 

Estimated Weight 

Gender determination 

Position of baby 

4D video clips and all digital images will be sent via email 

2D / 3D / 5D Smart Face Technology digital and color prints to take home 

Package $99
7 weeks and up

Listen to your little one’s heartbeat anytime with a recordable stuffed animal 

5-10 Minutes 

7 weeks and up 

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat 

Stuffed animal with heartbeat recording 

2D digital prints to take home 

2D images sent via email 

Stuffed animal keepsake animal added to any package $55 ~payment collected at your session 




8k Imaging / Real View

Add - on option at the time of your session

Purchase after 3D Ultrasound

For additional information ask your Sonographer at the time of your session 

8k Imaging


Want peace of mind, come in for a quick peek. See and hear your baby's heartbeat

7 weeks and up



***There is a 3.9% service fee for all credit card payments. 


4D Gender Reveal Party

Book now for a  unique Gender Reveal party? 

What you'll get

The entire Peek a Boo studio will be yours for the duration of the party (90 minutes) 

$575 Package

We have comfortable seating for ~ 18 people however we do not limit the amount of people you would like to bring to your session 

Customized Package

Upon request, we also work with vendors who can customize sweet and savory snacks 

$575 studio package + Sweets and/or Savory items (prices subject to customized menu) 


What to expect

Party Time 

15 minutes -welcome guests 


30 minutes -Gender Reveal ultrasound 

Extra Studio Time

We also offer extra studio time for an additional $50 / every 30 minutes  



Stuffed Animal Keepsake

Stuffed Animal with a recording of your baby's heartbeat 

Relax and Enjoy

45 minutes to relax, enjoy snacks, take pictures, open gifts 


We will send all images and video clips (4D) via email for you to view at home with your family and friends 


- 2D/3D digital and color pictures will be printed for you to take home 

A Gift 

You will receive a sweet little gift from Peek a Boo Baby  


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Peek  a  Boo  Baby

3501 Del Prado Blvd. South, Cape Coral

Suite 210, 2nd Floor

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